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Selection of Chain Drive Power

The standard of “Guidelines for Selection of Roller Chain Drives” (GB/T 18150-2006/ISO 10823:2004) had been issued. If you try to calculate the actual transmission power of chain, you must consider revising the transmission power of driving sprocket(input power).
Actual Power(Corrected Power) =  input power x service factor x teeth factor
Service factor is listed in the following table.
Teeth factor = (19/Zs)1.08 (Zs-tooth number of the small sprocket)
The chain factoris with long history in the world have their own chain transmiision power rating graph and power diagram. We can refer to the GB/T 18150-2006/ ISO 10823:2004 standard selecting the drive power or selecting chain according to the drive power, the condition is that we should know the tooth number of the small sprocket and its spped. Only if the actual power is within the range of rating power of the power rating graph, the selected chain is suitable.

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Chain drive part
Small sprocket speed ns=1351 Tooth number of small sprocket Zs=14
Actual power (Corrected power) = 10.944hp=8.16kw
From B series horsepower rating graph, you will find selected 80B-2 chain is suitable.
Rotary tillage chain part
Small sprocet speed ns=199 Tooth number of small sprocket Zs=13
Actual Power ( Corrected Power) = 9.888hp=7.37kw
From A series horsepower rating graph, you will find selected 12A-2 chain is unsuitable. You should choose 16A-1 or 60H-2 heavy duty roller chain instead of 12A-2.
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