Cranked-Link Transmission Chains

Unlock the power of your machinery with Jeremywell's premium cranked-link transmission chains! Engineered for excellence, these chains boast precision craftsmanship and innovative design features, including offset link plates for seamless engagement with larger sprockets. From construction to conveying systems, our chains are the backbone of power transmission systems, ensuring smooth operation and unparalleled reliability. Whether you're in lumber, construction, or material handling, Jeremywell's chains deliver the muscle your equipment needs to excel. Don't settle for ordinary chains – upgrade to Jeremywell and experience the difference in performance today.

Heavy Duty Transmission Chains

Jeremywell heavy duty cranked roller chains for heavy duty transmissions conform to ISO 3512, ASME B29.10, DIN 8182 and other standards. Their unique curved plate link structure enables the chain to absorb large impact loads. With a tensile strength that is 1.15 times more than the minimum tensile strength of ISO, you can trust in us to provide you with reliable cranked-link chains made with high-quality materials and advanced processing technology.

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