Side-Delivery Rake Gear

Side-delivery rake gearboxes are vital components designed for agricultural machinery employed in haymaking and crop harvesting. Engineered to endure tough field conditions, these gearboxes ensure precise control and optimal performance throughout the raking process. Commonly integrated into side-delivery rakes, these gearboxes efficiently convert power from tractors or other sources into the rotational motion needed to gather and form crop material into neat windrows. Ideal for small to medium-scale farms, side-delivery rake gearboxes offer features such as durable construction for longevity, adjustable speed and torque settings for versatility in various field conditions, and optional directional control mechanisms for enhanced operational flexibility. Upgrade your farming equipment with our range of side-delivery rake gearboxes and experience improved efficiency and productivity during your harvesting operations.

Common Applications:

- Single Rotary Hay Rakes
- Double Rotary Hay Rakes

Gears High-Grade Materials:

- 16 NiCr4, according to standard UNI 5331 – AISI 3115
- 20 Mn Cr5

Castings High-Grade Materials:

- Aluminum specifications GD – Lsi 12 cu according to standard UNI 5076
- Black cast iron G25 according to standard UNI ISO 185
- Ductile iron GS 400 according to standard UNI ISO 1083

Shafts High-Grade Materials

- C 43 according to standard UNI EN 1083/1 AISI 1040
- 20Mn Cr5


For optimal product utilization, we advise carefully reviewing the specifications outlined in our technical sheet. Additionally, take into account factors such as input rotation speed, power input, and transmission ratios.


The reducer is typically supplied without lubricant. The recommended quantity of lubricant differs according to model. The first replacement must be done after 50-60 hours of running, then replaced after 600-800 working hours. You must empty the gearbox immediately after use, while the oil is still hot, to avoid the deposition of sludge. Clean the oil plugs. Check the oil level frequently and top off the oil whenever necessary.

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